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Through the power of expertly timed alarm clocks, Iíve been able to get 100% on these past few days with minimum sleep deprivation. Last night I had 2 alarm clocks set up so that I could get four early morning chat rooms. It was going to be great, and I was going to get a chatroom that I really wanted to read.
But my stupid hecking alarm clock didnít set off either of my alarms! I even triple checked them to make sure they were set for AM and not PM, and they were! And it still showing the little icons that are meant to show that an alarm has been activated.
And I know that I didnít just sleep through it because my alarm clock is right next to my head and really shrill and doesnít stop until itís turned off.
So I ended up missing three of the chat rooms heckity heckity ifogdzkfkfz
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