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Originally Posted by AlgebraAddict View Post
Haha Iím not brave Iím just nihilistic (fuck it) and impulsive (guess Iíll do it). And thank u it was my first real love and there was a lot of crying it was pretty gr8.


life tip: If he says flirty stuff to all girls, thatís him being either universally flirty or universally oblivious. If it seems like itís just with you, then heís probably flirting.

Also maybe you should lay ur head on his shoulder sometime. Like just doze off on a bus ride or something. Start making more innocent physical contact because itís a good kind of flirting and if he likes u he will start doing it back. 10/10
can i just say i appreciate you so much?? like thank u for talking to me about this ahaha

yes i've been working on becoming more comfortable with physical contact in general, but especially with him. i make a point to sit next to him and at least have our arms be touching lol. it probably sounds like nothing but it's a step for me
we were sitting next to each other watching a movie and i was this close to laying my head on his shoulder but i chickened out haha
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