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Originally Posted by mabes View Post
can i just say i appreciate you so much?? like thank u for talking to me about this ahaha

yes i've been working on becoming more comfortable with physical contact in general, but especially with him. i make a point to sit next to him and at least have our arms be touching lol. it probably sounds like nothing but it's a step for me
we were sitting next to each other watching a movie and i was this close to laying my head on his shoulder but i chickened out haha
Ok the arm touch is not nothing, it is Top Notch Romance tbh. It’s up there with “goodnight <3” texts. Actually do y’all text?? Because I need details and screenshots ASAP this is serious. Hmu on my ig at @punk_nap

And girl of course!!! I am always out here for the fam. Babes bond over this stuff, like in 2015 Sravani (strawberry on KP) coached me w my crush on the EVT and this summer she stayed for a weekend at my house. This is the real deal, honey.

and I'll use you as a
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