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Originally Posted by Werty View Post
Hello guys, yeah.
I haven't been on that much and I technically left but I left very silently. It was almost as though kidpub was a party, and I left embarrassed for my childish actions out the back door while no one was looking. I hope u guys missed me, but if u didnt thats ok. Im a lot more mature now and my writing is very sirius (sorry it is against all my life rules to pass up a harry potter joke). It is so much better than it was before and I will not have a complete meltdown. I will always be the youngest here and I have long accepted that I might sond immature. (Mai birtday coming up dough so iww be EWEVEN! Wow now I hear it). I noticed myself slowly drifting away from kidpub, first with the nes, then the whole main page itself, and then I left all together. Im rlly sorry but I guess im back?
(P.S. I copied and pasted this from another thread becuz i needed to say the same thing and was too lazy to type it all up.)

So DO you remember me?

please, ignore my screaming.
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