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Originally Posted by HannahChen2009 View Post
hey so the last time I posted on this thread (that was an actual post about my ex-boyfriend and not a reply to someone else's) I was in a relationship that was slowly turning toxic and one-sided (I was essentially ghosted for at least three months towards the end of 2016, but he gave me enough leverage to hope and cling onto that hope) and that led to a lot of tears and self-doubt and me becoming closed off and negative towards everyone.
there was a long time where I was in denial and refused to believe that he didn't love me anymore (this was my first relationship, and it meant a lot to me either way), and it also took an amount of time to truly get over him (admittedly this overlapped with my time with my current boyfriend)
he was my first love, and I was super convinced we were going to last till marriage because not only did I know we were different, the adults around us could tell too, and constantly told me how we were the most special couple they'd come across while teaching, and it really was, while it lasted, something else.
however, as hard as getting over him was, and even though it took a long time to heal, I'm super super thankful for my current boyfriend. not only did he pull me out of my misery, he also makes me laugh like no one else does, and he showed me a gentleness that I had been searching for but couldn't find in my ex. I don't want to thank my ex for hurting me, or else I wouldn't have found my current boyfriend, blah blah blah- there were definitely better ways to break up with me if he didn't love me anymore instead of ghosting me for three months and ignoring me in my desperate state to "get him back", but I am infinitely thankful for my current boyfriend and everything he has done for me, including helping me through the worst of my depression, and being with me through the good times and the bad.
whatever happened happened, and to look back on this two years later, I can say I'm completely over my ex.
I'm happy now, and in love. Thank you,
Wow, this is wonderful.
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