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Originally Posted by Werty View Post
Greenmoss was mildly concerned that Rainfoot was sick, but she mentally seemed fine and he decided not to say anything. Her head jerked up as she gestured to a small patch of plants. He gave it a quick sniff- it was definitely catmint.

"Let's take it back to camp." Exclaimed Greenmoss. He was glad everyone was going to be okay.

On the way back to camp, Rainfoot stumbled to a stop. She sneezed and looked concerned. Greenmoss steered her back to camp worriedly.

"We're constructing a den, around two more cats got sick while you we'ren't here." Duskclaw addressed the returning cats.

"Make that three," said Greenmoss as her gestured towards poor Rainfoot.
"Oh, no," said a dismayed Snowpelt as she passed, dropping the sticks she was carrying for the den so she could speak. "You too, Rainfoot?"

Greenmoss sighed, nuzzling her ear despite knowing he might catch it if he stayed close to her. "Yeah, unfortunately enough."

Rainfoot's body chose that moment to start coughing violently, and Duskclaw proceeded to unceremoniously shove her into the medicine den, where body heat was keeping all the sick cats warm.
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