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Snowpelt nodded to her brother as he came out into the clearing. "How's our mother?"

"Not good," he mewed wearily, "but there's still hope, especially with all the catmint Rainfoot and Greenmoss found. No one's in mortal danger," yet, he left unsaid. "What do I do to help with the den?" he asked Duskclaw.

"Weave the sticks back and forth," the deputy directed. "Take over for Snowpelt and Snowpelt, go get more."

"Right, right," she said in a chipper tone, darting off. Clovertail felt his own spirits raise watching her confidence.

They continued working on the den, Clovertail darting in and out to check on the sick cats, until it was finished near sundown. Clovertail, a bit cheered, walked right into his den, then froze. Someone was hacking.

He rushed from cat to cat, and found that Greenstep was coughing. He crouched beside her, doing everything he knew might clear her airway, but no such luck. The bout of coughing eventually ended, but his mother was weaker.
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