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It was nearing moonhigh, and Clovertail's body cried out to him for sleep. Snowpelt had ignored his protests about her health and her safety and was now helping him take care of the other sick cats. Rainfoot, who was sick, but not so sick as the others, was helping as much as she could as well. But even with his workload lightened, he was reaching the end of his rope, mostly because his mother refused to respond to his medicines.

Greenstep was hardly breathing at this point, the bright emerald eyes for which she was named blurred and weary, her pelt so like Clovertail's own refusing to stay groomed. Clovertail knew that if Greenstep was not his mother, he would not be hovering over her like this, but he couldn't bring himself to feel guilty.

As moonhigh drew nearer, the moon began to illuminate the den through a hole in the leaves that made up the roof. Clovertail was resisting his urge to hover over his mother, instead trying to get poor Gingerfur to drink some water, when suddenly a horrid hacking sound became audible. He turned tail, recognizing his mother's broken voice, and sped to her side.

She couldn't breathe. Clovertail tried to clear her airway by getting her to drink water, then forcibly pushing her, but nothing he had been taught was working.

"Clovertail!" Snowpelt materialized beside him, "how can I help? How can I help? Tell me what I can do!"

He was too focused on his mother to answer her increasingly anxious questions, so she sat beside him, so close that he could feel her breathing. Greenstep's hacking weakened, weakened, and then stopped altogether.

"Mother," Snowpelt whispered, a deep grief in her voice. "Oh, farewell, mother."

Clovertail could say nothing. His throat was choked with the thoughts of Dapplecloud, and now of Greenstep, of all the happy days that could never be reprised.

[I suggest rainfoot pov now]
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