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hey also remember how unapologetically everyone hated owen? how when they announced that he died faculty brought me off campus and the moment i got back the first thing i heard was “well i didn’t want him to die but i’m kinda glad he’s not here anymore” remember how what he said freshman year got so fucking twisted by junior year? what he said was “hey, what’s up, my n**” ONE TIME and junior year i was told i shouldn’t be friends with him because he “repeatedly used the n-word in a discriminatory manner” and i was good friends with the person he said it to! i was the first person she talked to, and i remember her saying she was shaken up and a bit upset but she understood that maybe he didn’t know better and that while she had to take a break from their friendship that she hoped he’d learn and grow. and then somehow, over like the next week, this got turned into “owen is a terrible piece of shit and no one should ever talk to him” and no one ever let him learn and grow.
and people hated him so much that i was told that i shouldn’t have been friends roth him while mourning his DEATH. i was told that people should be allowed to say bad things about him at his memorial, and that the reason that a lot of kids didn’t go was because they thought that it was unfair that people would only say good things. yes, cool, great, i am going to go to the memorial service of my friend, a boy who took his own life at sixteen, and stand up there in front of his grieving family and talk shit about him just....fuck this school sometimes. jesus christ
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