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My chorus teacher (at my school, you HAVE to take either chorus or band. Me, being the crazed singer I am, naturally chose chorus.) doesn't like me because I offer to sing soprano II and Alto (alto is my comfort zone), but no, she chooses what you sing depending on where you sit, and I always end up sitting in the freaking soprano section. And when I complain a LITTLE BIT and the kids who sit in the back (where the lower section usually is, I learned that too late) BARELY SINGS, because it's mainly shy freakin seventh graders retaking the class, and I could HELP THEM, but she won't let me. And I'm SURE I'm one of the only people willing to sing that, because at my chorus outside of school, the one I love, I am the ONLY GIRL (the boys are all older with deep voices) willing to sing alto EVERY SONG. And I stopped complaining, but she STILL lectures me almost EVERY CLASS. And I'm so glad I'm not in musical she's directing, because my friend is telling me she's making really bad decisions. And this isn't even my least favorite teacher (info on THAT one coming soon.)
please, ignore my screaming.
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