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i am going to fight the people at the orthodontist some day. why is it that they insist on treating me like im eight????
"oh, sweetie, honey, this might hurt a bit. is that ok?"
"are you sure? im just letting you know it will hurt a bit honey. can you deal with that?"

"alright dear can you go get whatever adult is here with you?"
"can you just tell me?"
"oh no I need to talk to an adult" so I go get my grandmother and they fucking go "alright just make sure she keeps brushing her teeth" I AM SIXTEEN. I CAN DRIVE. I LIVE ON MY OWN LIKE 10 MONTHS OF THE YEAR

"oh, sweetie, does this ever hurt you?"
"yeah I actually got codeine for it"
"oh...codeine? you know that's a serious drug, right? honey you know that you only use that when youre in really a lot of pain right?"

and they have to do something and they go
"alright dear now just raise your hand if youre in any pain" and then I DO and they go
"oh, youre not in any pain. that's just pressure. don't move" and put my hand back down.

I have a pretty high pain tolerance which u might be able to tell just by like looking at my history on the screen and also just like at my arms so please please believe me when I tell u something is wrong. aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA
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