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Originally Posted by Zelda View Post
This does not stop happening until you become a legal adult. And even then if u ask a weird question or make a request that they don't ~really~ want to comply with they give you a Look and sometimes make you repeat it. Like bitch, I know u heard me.

Part of it, like the making you go get your grandmother, is for legal reasons. Like, if you go home and something happens, they have to be able to say that they told an adult who can be held legally responsible or else they're liable.

The other part is just perception bias. tbh i look at my sixteen year old sister and i'm like 'look at this youngling. this innocent child. she has so little experience. she knows nothing', whereas sixteen year old me would have been irked if someone said that to me. \_(ツ)_/
yeah lmao i know logically that some of it is for legal reasons but mostly i’m very annoyed st them not taking my pain seriously, especially since the reason i now need to take codeine is because they ignored my pain for years
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