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Isn't it funny you go back only ten pages on the thread and it's

"I tripped on the curb"

"I broke my finger"

"A bee stung me"

"My friend broke her arm"

And now it's all just kinda

"I hurt myself. A lot."

"Oh honey, don't do that! Also, my friend purposely broke my arm because she hates me apparently but the good news is I'm pressing charges against her."

Like when you were all young and in the Taco Era (I joined at the very end of that era, most of my non-dark ages memories are from the hiatus between Taco and Dark) if you saw this you'd be gawking. Like, "Whattheheckhapenedtopreciouskidpubthisisbadthisis badthisisbad."

I know this isn't a physical vent (although I don't go a living moment without experiencing some sort of pain) but I just kind of needed to point that out. Sorry for wasting your time.
please, ignore my screaming.
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