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a week ago, when my roommate got bronchitis I was sitting around with a bunch of people talking abt different coughing sicknesses and we were all wondering why whooping cough was called whooping cough so we looked it up and its bc ur breathing makes a whooping sound. then on Thursday I started getting kinda sick with a cough, I ignored it bc it wasn't that bad, but on Saturday I was whining to a friend abt it and he said "careful, whooping cough is going around so you should take it easy" to which I responded "nah, im fine, im vaccinated" and he said "actually, a vaccine doesn't completely protect against whooping cough, it helps, but you can still get it" and I went "nah, really, im totally good"
well tonight I was sitting doing homework and went "hey whats that funny noise?" surprise, its my breathing. so yeah uh time to talk to faculty abt this I guess. still holding out hope its an obnoxious cold.
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