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Man.... donít you hate when you get emotional about something... and try to shut down the conversation or close off because you have shitty social skills and youíre emotionally a baby but the other person just sees it as being rude and disrespectful and keeps trying to finish the conversation and you keep accidentally getting snappier and curter as you desperately try to cut off the conversation before you cross a threshold and they just keep getting angrier and angrier about it and you can tell theyíre getting angrier but youíre in such a precarious position, teetering over sobbing that you canít figure out how to alter the course so Just keep trying to cut off the conversation the same way like a dumbass??

Or donít you just hate when youíre absolutely awful at in the moment conversations or arguments of debates so you can understand everything that you want to say and you know exactly what you mean and what your side of the story is but then actually discussing it out loud happens and it all disappears and all that comes out is weak whisps of what you actually want to say and now youíre crying and you canít stop and you donít even know why you started crying so easily but you canít communicate what youíre thinking and the other person Just gets angrier and angrier again because it seems like youíre not listening to what theyíre saying or youíre just spouting out weak excuse but really you just canít say it.

Also just... hate how you feel after a big cry. Like... shivery and frail and empty and like you should still be crying but thereís something eating the tears up instead.
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