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Originally Posted by Swallowtail View Post
hey i am so so sorry for what youíre going through. itís not ok that youíre having to deal with it on your own at such a young age. suicide is a super heavy topic and it should not be your responsibility to handle your friend, especially when youíre going through a rough time yourself. is there any adult in your life you can trust? an aunt, uncle, teacher, family friend? maybe talk to her parents? also, i donít check this site that often, but if you want someone to talk to i can give you my instagram or my number
her mom and her grandparents are kinda the problem (she's got a very fractured family). my mom knows about it but there's not much she can do. my friend is doing a little better not but she still sometimes cuts herself. i've been BEGGING her to get therapy (which her mom offered) and she keeps saying "maybe", and when it comes to her, maybe is a hard pass. i love her so much but being her personal therapist and nearly the sole person she relies her problems too (i know the most. she always comes to me) is so hard because now i have two lives in my responsibility.

you got any tips on how to convince her to get therapy? i've already told her it's patient/therapist confidential but she's probably not going to budge.
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