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Originally Posted by Swallowtail View Post
therapy is really tricky because if she really doesnít want to go, then it definitely will not work. however, it might help to try and get an answer out of her as to why exactly she doesnít want to go to therapy. if itís that sheís afraid to ask or afraid that people will think of her weirdly or pityingly for going, you can assure her that plenty of people go and that plenty of perfectly mentally healthy people go just because it can be nice. if itís that sheís afraid of being a burden, you can tell her that her mother already offered it, or if thatís still too much, you can point her towards hotlines (741-741 is a pretty good 100% confidential texting hotline, itís also perfectly free.) if she just doesnít like the impersonal aspect of therapy (this is where i stand) you should encourage her to find an adult that she can slowly start opening up to. if sheís afraid that a therapist might end up reporting her to her parents or something (if a therapist thinks you might hurt yourself or others and youíre under 18 they legally have to tell someone) you can again point her towards hotlines, which do NOT have to call the police, child protective services, or your parents. she can use hotlines to talk about the self harm and anything else and then she can use therapy to talk about the reason for self harm with someone she can build a relationship with. the important thing is that you (gently) let her know that she canít continue using you as her sole resource
her mother has access to her phone and everyone she texts, so a texline isn't an option. but thanks for the ohter stuff.
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