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Originally Posted by wildwolf View Post
They can't do it on their own. They need help.
Picture it like this:
There's a kid who's really, really, bad at math. There's also a kid who's really good at math. The kid who's good at math doesn't want to help the kid who is bad at it because he doesn't want to share knowledge.
Its not about sharing knowledge. ITs not like we're greedy with our water or something.

Two kids in the desert run towards an oasis. One gets there, one is lost. The lost one is responsible for his or her own actions.

Its not like undeveloped countries are inherently bad at infrastructure. You have to do that stuff on your own. America believes its the world's savior. Its not.

We should mind our own business. We have enough problems, like a multi-trillion dollar national debt...

Which Obama has the perfect plan to fix: raise the debt celing.

*Oh my god I obrrowed all this money, how will I pay back? Borrow more of course*

Yeah that'll solve it...
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