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Originally Posted by Lily View Post
The boy chose not to believe in God let's say because.. He was raised that way. There was no way he could become Christian without the disapproval of his family. But he still goes to Hell.

And, why is there only one God? Why not have several gods? What makes Him the all knowing-powerful person? Why does he deserve that?
If he wants God, God will come to him. You don't need to be baptised or even believe in God to go to heaven. You just have to be a good person, and believing in God really helps.

He deserves that because he is love. He is the spirit of love. Nothing can exist without love.

And, just my church's belief, though this is an irregular one, hell isn't a torture chamber. It isn't even anything physical. It's heaven, but seeing it in the wrong way. If you are evil, you go to heaven anyway, and you are stuck for eternity with someone that you hate and that you want to reject, God.

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