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Originally Posted by Werty View Post

trials of apollo rant time
please ignore this post if you don't like spoilers, although i doubt anybody who reads this hasn't read all that's out so far of trials of apollo

i'm going to write it like i'm explaining it to someone because it's just a copy and paste from the thing i sent my friend about it (she doesn't read toa)

so uh
book rant
everyone thinks leo's dead
heck, leo thinks leo's dead
but he's not dead, you see.
he manages to get to message back to some friends but his two closest just weren't there so they never knew
much later, he actually comes back
his closest friends still think he's dead, but they're on the other end of the country
so they STILL think he's dead
anyway, now we're with his friends
one of them dies heroically
just a short while later, what else could be the perfect time for a leo and his remaining friend, Piper, to have a reunion?
(jason is the dead one)
and so leo knows nothing about jason being dead yet
he's running around yelling in delight and hugging the group of people also there
and so he goes to give piper a hug
and asks
"where's Jason?"

okay sorry bye

“heck Leo thinks Leo’s dead”
trails of f i r e
you always knew
they would carry me home
they'd lead me to y o u
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