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Originally Posted by Tiara View Post
*Who do you think is the most popular KidPubbian? (SCROLL DOWN TO LEARN WHAT THAT MEANS)

I have decided to come up with a contest for most popular KidPubbian of 2014. The inspiration came from a poll I read on the KP website, with the same theme by Morning Star (Mabes), so I decided to turn it into a contest. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS THREAD. Anyway, here's how it works:

Stage 1:
Thread Voting

Reply to this thread with the KPer you think is most popular on KP. Thread voting will be closed on November 20th, 2013.

Stage 2:
Nominee Announcement
I will announce nominees on this thread on November 22nd, 2013.There will be three nominees. I will alert the nominees that they are nominees, and tell them about the MPKP contest.

Stage 3:
Poll Creation
I will put up the poll with the nominees on November 23rd. Vote for the nominee you think is most popular on the poll. The poll will be closed on December 23rd.

Stage 4:
MPKP 2014 Announcement
The winner will be announced on December 25th (HAPPY HOLIDAYS!) 2013. Here are the awards:
1st place-
*Shout-outs in every story I write in 2014 all the way up to October 20th (next

(Probably) FAQ:
Can you vote for yourself?

How many people can you vote for?

What of there's a.. *GASP* TIE!?
The tied winners will each be given the 1st place award.

What do you mean by popular?

Not necessarily super popular. What I mean my popular is the following three things:

*Good Netiquette (treats other members of KP with kindness)

*Good Author (this one is self-explanatory)

*Active Member (Please DO NOT vote for inactive members of KP)

So there. All you need to know about the MPKP 2014 contest. Happy voting!

*Votes CAN'T be extremely biased.
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I honestly don't think this is a very good idea. Sorry.
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