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Default KidPub House of Land

This is where the members of the KidPub House of Land can discuss whatever they want, but mainly it is to share the individual points gained by the members of that House. If you are in this House, post what points you have gotten here. Enjoy the KidPub Houses!


Posting a short story (no clogging allowed): 20 points (if it's over 2,000 words: 45)

Posting a poem: 15 points

Posting a chapter: 20 points you get 35 pts if it's over 1,500.)

CC (commenting on a story and providing helpful advice and what you liked about the story): 7 points

Regular comment: 3 points

Vote on a poll: 2 points

Post something else (poll, etc): 7 points

Complete a novel on KP: 100 points

Complete a poetry collection on KP: 100 points

Write a story for for a contest or special event: 50

Write a poem for for a contest or special event: 20

Write a chapter for for a contest or special event: 45

Have a friend you invited join (they must say they are your friend): 70

Post on the KidPub NES: 7

Post on NES on Writer's Block: 3

Current House members:




Red Zero


*Snow* Winsterhand's Helper
Ailee (Lila)
Da QuartzMaster
Predator-6 (Jack)
The pleasure of reading a story and wondering what will come next for the hero is a pleasure that has lasted for centuries and, I think, will always be with us.

Stan Lee

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