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Originally Posted by SilverMoon View Post
oh no,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, please no........ (except linny which is a++)
But Drarry and Pansmione are............. not good ships as they go in canon and I can write entire essays about this. I say this as a Slytherin, Draco and Pansy were not good people in many ways and shouldn't be shipped with people they bullied violently and were racist and cruel to for years.

I do not hate Draco as a character but I believe in the death of the author and JK Rowling would have needed to give Draco a better redemption arc (which he definitely deserved to have) and Draco and Harry would have had to had miles and miles of character development.

That being said, if you have seen the My Immortal webseries, I absolutely ship them in that.

Also, I ship Albus and Scorpius

also, Blaise is my favorite. elder Slytherin out

I just found out J.K. Rowling ships Drarry and I know you don't ship it but I'm squealing
little do we know, the stars

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