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Frisk Eccleston, aka friskface

-chaos (tm)
-frighteningly cheerful disaster
-power and time travel
-chill with weird situations
-apathy (tm)
-wants to love everyone
-bad at being good

Flowey, aka weed
-chaotic evil
-your fake friend
-just wants to watch the world burn
-hates everyone
-bad decisions (tm)
-is basically satan
-could have been better but ragequit

Asriel, aka goat boy
-neutral good
-the best friend
-constant guilt trips
-runs away from awkward situations
-bad at making decisions
-overprotective bro friend
-peer pressure
-thinks you're cool

Sans, or sin(x)
-lawful neutral/chaotic good
-judges you blatantly
-incapable of forgetting anything

Papyrus, or papY
-chaotic good
-ray of sunshine
-not dumb, just credulous and optimistic
-sleeps no more than 6 hours a night
-never needs coffee
-cheers you up just by existing

Toriel, or mom goat
-neutral good
-everyone's overprotective mom
-isolationist policies
-"I know best"
-actually old
-actually wise
-intel on people
-optimistic, but only to a point

Asgore, aka dad goat
-lawful neutral
-king fluffybuns
-moral philosophy highly inconsistent and a wip
-old and kind
-your chill dad who can take jokes
-bad at enforcing rules
-secretly really clingy

Chara Dreemurr, aka cares
-chaotic neutral
-21st century meme kid
-simultaneous hate and reluctant admiration
-irrational, but for reasons
-"what am I doing"
-hoodies and tragic backstory

Undyne, aka sushi
-chaotic good
-tank tops and monster energy drinks
-affectionate, but you have to be a level 10 friend
-works hard

Alphys, aka anxious
-neutral good
-smart but not confident
-overly into everyone else
-sleep deprivation
-alone and doesn't know why
-hates being irrational

Grillby, or grill
-true neutral
- "..."
-not his business
-old war veteran
-loves young folk
-good cook
-exasperated silence
-"you're underage"
-no opinion

-neutral good
-oc of mine named tanner
-beliefs? i have those, but should i?
-ridiculously nice
-believes in the power of milk
-lonely forest ranger
-careful and smart

Gaster the gastly
-chaotic neutral
-technically doesn't exist
-bordering on evil
-worst dad
-coffee is his only love
-that and science
-hates self and almost everyone else
-accidentally traumatizes people
i found love where it wasn't supposed to be;
right in front of me.
talk some sense to me...

-i found, amber run
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