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Originally Posted by Werty View Post
so I've got this friend tagged as a Demeter kid, and me and friend 2 agree on that and friend 1 is hopelessly confused

so something like this happened in geography class right

Me & Friend 2: *making random jokes, we eventually get to demeter jokes*

Me: CeReAl

Friend 2: *laughing*

Friend 1, trying to jump in: I love cereal!

Me & Friend 2: AAAAAAAA *laughing so, so hard*

Friend 1: wHat is it? All I said was I love cereal-

*more laughing*
this is me when my friends are trying to reference all the memes and I stick my head in like the grandma I am

"you shouldn't talk about your soul like that!! that's kind of-oh wait, I've seen that vine"
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