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Pokey gingerly took the letter from Rayana. "Why me?" she mouthed at Rayana, who merely shrugged.
Pokey scanned the paper, her eyes growing large as she absorbed the letter. Finally, after rereading it several times, she read aloud:

"Dear Ink Warriors,

Salutations. My name is Henry Bluther, an important representative of the capitol. I have only one question for you. Do you think we're stupid? The Capitol sees all, even your so-called secrets attempts to restore writing to society. Just to prove my point, your teammate and friend, Charlie Kathlon, has been taken to a top secret Capitol base. Come after him, and you'll all face the consequences.

Good day,
Henry Bluther

Pokey finished shakily. That last word, "capitol", rung in everyone's ears for the next few moments of silence piercing the room.
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