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After a long stretch of silence, Kaliegh grew impatient. "So, what? This Charlie guy is missing?" she screamed over her music. Everyone backed off a bit, gesturing for her to take out her earphones. With an indignant sigh, she yanked them from her ears and repeated, "This Charlie guy is missing. So, what? What should we do about it?"
The room was silent, everyone staring intently at Kaliegh. She put two fingers to her forehead in frustration and took a deep breath. She then went on to explain: "I don't think we should do anything. If that Charlie was stupid enough to get captured, then it's not worth the risk rescuing him. Trust me, rescue missions never work out well. I've tried a few myself. Been the victim, too. Whenever they show up for the save, it's at the worst possible moment, and they as well are captured.
"Also, this guy...like I said, he sounds not worth endangering our lives. As much as I want to kick Henry Bluther's a*beep*, and as much as I'm confident I would come out without a scratch, you guys won't ever come out again."
Kaliegh paused for a moment, scanning the room. Everyone seemed absorbed in her words, their faces distorted with shock and fear. She then pointed to each one of them, finally muttering the final dramatic phrase: "Your choice."
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