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Originally Posted by Redhead View Post
anyone can go ahead and hate it if they want, fine. BUT I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THE MOVIE. I AM OBSESSING OVER IT WITH MY FRIEND OVER IM RITE NOW.

yeah, in some places it was a terrible misinturpretation (like the Cullen's house--it is glass and modern and nothing like anything i imagined.). Jacob's big scence was cut down to like a minute and a half. Eddie didn't glitter nearly enough in the sun, they added some imaginary friend of Charlie's and Carlisle looked a little like Spock. but it was still totally and insanely awesome.
Emmet was totally played perfectly. Alice was perfect, Rosalie was perfect, Angela was perfect, Mike was perfect, Jasper was perfect. Jacob, needless to say, was beyond perfect. Edward, i hate to admit it, was really, really, really hot. Bella was played a lot better than i thought she would be. Eric was the comic relief, and there was funny staredown b/t Billy and Edward. Ppl in the theater laughed and we all screamed when Eddie came on. it was awesome. for me, anyways. so yeah. i loved it. it is mine.
TRAIROR!! Okay, one, EDWARD WAS NOT HOT!!! ALL MY EDWARD-OBSESSING FRIENDS agreed he was not hot. I admit I have not seen the movie, but, though Mike may have been perfect at the beginning, dancing in front of Charlie and Bella? Not him at all. And Rosalie? Though the actor may have been good, she wasn't even pretty. Alice, yes, okay, perfect. But in general the acting was either perfect, or totally suckish. And, okay, it was better than it could have been, but it could have been SO MUCH BETTER! And... yeah. By the way, what was up with Laurent being BLACK!?! I mean, not meaning to sound racist, but there are. No. Black. Vampires. So yeah... And...C'mon! Also, from what I've heard, it... Oh whatever. *shivers* and here I was thinking you were a good person... Okay, kidding about that, but still... I'm mad. I mean, it was a TERRIBLE interpretation of the book! And... and... *shivers* And besides, it was cheesy and freaky! I mean, ROBERT PATTISON IS UGGGLY! And, again, YOU SAY HE'S HOT!?!?! Okay, you have mental issues, esspecially because you are a Jacob fan. Again, traitor! Mental traitor!!

P.S. No offense, you know you're still my friend. You're just a mental-traitor friend! (Kidding! (mostly))

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