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Default Read-a-thon (KidPub edition)

I got this idea from fellow YouTubers who love books (BookTubers) like:
Jessethereader (this guy, this guy... omg)
priceiswong (because yes)

Basically, you have to read as much as you can in one week. Each read-a-thon is monthly, and it starts on each month from every 10th to the 17th. So, if you would like to do it, we'll start on March 10th and go to March 17th then end it.

The person with the most amount of pages read will win. :3 Also, you must update every day before you go to bed or something and then I will know (and everyone else) that you are updating.

And DON'T CHEAT by saying that you read more pages than you actually did. Okay so whoever says they'll join, we'll start on March 10th.
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