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Originally Posted by FrostBittenKitten View Post
Hey does anyone have any advice about figuring out your sexual/romantic orientation (mostly romantic tbh)? Iím like 90% sure I am demisexual but the romantic orientation is trickier. Like I generally am into dudes but recently I think Iíve also had a crush or two on a girl? Iím not sure I rly want any kind of romantic partner or anything for a while but I rly donít care that much If in the future I have a boyfriend or girlfriend honestly. I tried to talk abt me possibly liking girls to my mom and she said I was confused whereas my bi friend acted super excited by it and both ways I felt a little pressured. I took a couple of quizzes and I generally get bi or ace (I am a nerd lol). Anyway if anyone has gone through something similar would you be willing to help a girl out?
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