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Originally Posted by GabiDi View Post
Hm, really? I just didn't like the way she lied about having been under fire, and then people realized she never HAD been, and she covered with something lame like: "Oh, slip of the tongue..."
I do agree with you, but there are good and bad things about people, and the good about Hilary Clinton definately out-number those of Sarah Palin.
Don't get me wrong, Sarah Palin is very very determined, and she's not an idiot. I mean, it's not a small thing to become Miss USA (or whatever) then mayor of a small town in Alaska to being Governer of Alaska to being a vice-presidential candidate to being a presidential candidate. I just think she has more... street smarts than politics smarts.
I also don't get why she supported her teenage daughter's pregnancy after part of her campaign was strongly in favor of abstinence. I just think that it's a little hypocritical.

I really hope they have Tina Fey back on SNL for the 2012 elections. Hehehe.
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