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Oh man.

1. Obama was so born in the US. Duh. Republicans are just trying to find any way they can to get him out of office. So whatever, ya know, who cares. Hawaii was a state when he was born so I don't get why this is an issue. If there was a chance he was born outside of the US, the FBI would've found something to prove it by now more than just a birth cirtificate. And I saw thsi funny picture online with Obama smiling and waving at some people that said: "Sorry it took me so long to get you my birth cirtificate, I was too busy KILLING OSAMA BIN LADEN!" And I don't even like the birth rule to begin with - I think it's biased and stupid, so it doesn't pariticularly matter to me either way.

2. The Donald Trump thing: Okay. Our country needs jobs. Why would we want to make a guy who's catch phrase is "You're fired" our president. He's a business man, not a politican. I have no respect for Donald Trump because he's obviously doing this for publicity, if he was serious about, he should start small and be a mayor or a senator. You don't just radomly decide you want to be president one day, even if you are as ridiculously rich as he is.

3. Sarah Palin. Oh, where do I start. No. Just no. It just doesn't seem right to have a possible PRESIDENT have a reality TV show. She's not even involved in politics anymore. I have no respect for her. She was only chosen as a vice presidential canidate so that John McCain (creeper) didn't seem like such a redneck and she had just as radical, right-wing ideas as he did. She didn't know her own daughter was sexually active (her DAUGHTER! Her own flesh-and-blood family!) and that just shows that she's not a very good parent to teach her kids how to be responsible and trustworthy. I don't want my president to be a person like that. I understand that it's hard for anyone to control your kids and stuff, but I want my president to be amazing and practically superhuman in leadship and determination - I don't think she possesses those qualities. Sarah Palin honestly scares me, she's so unqualified and misguided. There are certain people who have the mental set to be a serious presidential canidate and, to be perfectly honest, she's not one of them.

And let's just get this thing straight: politics in itself is a totally screwed up place and a filthy dirty game because if you have the determination necissary to be that powerful a leader, it's almost always going to be the case that you have trouble listening to other people's opinions and beliefs. Anyone who's an all around wise enough person to be worthy of being a political leader ISN'T going to be a political leader - they'll be a volunteer or a teacher or a fire fighter or something. Politic's is never going to be fun - we're always going to have crazy people and one-minded beliefs. I just wish that there was someone who could see past all that and do what was right for the people of the United States, not the cooperations or themselves. A monk probably could see through all that. We should have a monk be president.
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