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Default A Character's Flaws

The most important piece of your character is the flaw. What keeps them from becoming a Gary-stu/Mary-sue? What makes them relatable? What gives them inner conflict?

So, one might come here to look up a flaw to give their own character, or to post one. All you have to do is say the character's name, a brief personality description, and their flaw(s). If you want to take it a step further, say where their flaw derives from.

I shall start:

Chris, pensive, awkward, nervous, passionate
He has a weak heart, and he's quite gullible. He can become too emotional at times.
He's always been very compassionate and emphatic, and he knows very little of the world, which would cause him to believe almost everything he hears or reads or sees. He's an emotional wreck at times, but we can blame that on the bouts of trauma he's experienced at such a young age.
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