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Originally Posted by Werty View Post
I'm probably about 70% Canadian. I live in New Hampshire and have only been to Canada when I was little, but. I am probably 20% Irish, 5% Swedish, and 5% Scottish, so I'm somewhat of a mutt. I don't really look like anything but your average New Englander- brown hair, freckles, and skin that burns instead of tans. I know this doesn't matter and you're just going to ignore this but I'm going to try to be more active (schoolwork gets in the way, I'm working on a couple of writing pieces I have yet to abandon, and I'm really actually getting good at digital art so I'm also trying to focus on that.) Sorry for wasting your time.
No need to apologize. Any activity is cool. Good to see you around again btw Kayla, I keep fading in and out of this website too xD Wanna use the Fangirling House together?
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