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all my quotes for everyone are incorrect

sans: *walking through a beautiful garden of sunflowers* asriel, look, it's your kin!

maedhros: you can be sure you have failed at life when you are babysitting your adult brothers


asgore: *as he is trying to kill you* my moral philosophy is a work in progress- apologies for the inconvenience and i assure you i'll regret this later

maglor: *to elrond and elros* as long as you don't turn out like me and my brother, you two will be absolutely fine

elrond: *to the fellowship* of course i'm not going to ask you to swear an oath, who do you think raised me??

aragorn: i am the fulfilment of several thousand year old prophecies, therefore, i am the ultimate nerd

*my OCs*

alex: my name is alexander fairhaven. my name is alexander fairhaven. and i really never asked for this, but tHAt'S OkAY, tHaT's oKaY…

tanner: how do you help a lost kid find herself if she doesn't want to get un-lost?...?...?

luanne: to be completely honest, i think my atheist friend is turning out to be a better christian than i am

bernie: just because i was following you for two weeks and you didn't notice doesn't mean i'm a stalker!

junior durantel: if we were a legal society and this wasn't volunteer work, i'd probably be a millionaire based on how much i can get done in an hour

anno: my two favorite organizations in the world are you guys and chick-fil-a

skip: oh, i am so much cooler than the ghostbusters!!

reed: i'm useless, but at least i can be the manliest cheerleader to ever cheer

lucas: i know you couldn't understand me at the time, but in case you were wondering, my sister slapped me every morning for calling you obscene names in italian

lusa: i can't function on less than a gallon of coffee

cal: i can't be stopped!!! *crashes her bike on a stop sign*

norah: you're all idiots, but you're powerful idiots, so i guess i'd better stick around

aeschere: i know i tried to drown you that one time, but i was a different person then, literally

therese: is it wrong that i find this soulless water spirit attractive?

little skip: i still ship them, even though he tried to kill me
i found love where it wasn't supposed to be;
right in front of me.
talk some sense to me...

-i found, amber run
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