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Cool Descendants NES (For all of you people who loved 1 and 2)

Ok, so this is no ordinary descendants thread. (Wait... do we even have any?) So this is after descendants 2 except Mal now has wings like her mom used too. Other that that things are normal but Jay cut his hair. So you just create a character with the form that I gave you and write your first paragraph (So we don't go on forever listing characters) and yeah. So here is the form:
VK or AK:
Child of:
What they look like:
Good or bad:
Auradon or Isle:

So thats about it. BTW mine is this:
Name: Quan
VK or AK: VK
Gender: F
Child of: Queen of Hearts
What they look like: Has long, big white pigtails with purple, dark blue, and light blue streaks. Wears white leather dress with paint stains. Fair skinned. Has diamonds on her cheeks.
Likes: Dizzie, To paint, the VKs (Mal the most)her shop, Auradon, and in the future, bananas.
Dislikes: The Isle, being trapped, Uma and her crew.
Friends: Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Dizzie, and futurely some of your characters
Good or bad: mostly bad
Auradon or Isle: Isle for now
Additional: Owns art shop with Mal (An Evil Passion for the name) ends up going to Auradon
Personalty: Moody, but fun at times. Kinda scary when she threatens pictures of you sleeping all over the Isle lol...
please, ignore my screaming.

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