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lol I wanna make a VK too so yeah...(I'm bored haha)
Name: Mark Gothel
VK or AK: VK
Gender: Male
Child of: Mother Gothel
What they look like: Spiky black hair that it always perfect because he spends a lot of time on it, pale skin (because heredity and also never going outside), tall and gangly, skinny from lack of food, warm chocolate brown eyes, scowl that is almost permanent (but has a nice smile). Wears a black hoodie and jeans with black sneakers. Tries to look normal and just blend in. He avoids people and when he does go outside he goes in crowds. People know who he was but no one really knows him.
Likes: Emo music, sleeping, being alone, the Isle, video games, reading, writing (he writes poetry), and playing the guitar.
Dislikes: People (especially AKs), pastels, Auradon, the Isle (it's a love hate thing), fancy anything, wearing anything other than his usual clothes, and when people think they're better than him.
Friends: none
Good or bad: true neutral
Age: 16
Auradon or Isle: Isle
Additional: You should add a personality section.
Personality: Doesn't really care about anything and doesn't like to be around people. Is introverted and quiet just because he doesn't have anything to say. He is actually not that bad once you get to know him, but he never lets anyone in because he thinks it isn't worth it. Once he actually talks to someone he is sarcastic and cynical sometimes but other times he is kind and genuinely funny. He is very defensive and protective of his stuff and himself and in the future maybe his friends.
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