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Name: Shun Yu
Gender: Genderqueer/nonbinary
Child of: Shan Yu
Alignment: Lawful Evil type 2
Age: 14
Friends: Hadia, Honey, Makayla (note: if they ever go to Auradon I think they would actually get along with Lonnie once the two get past the fact that their parents are enemies. However, they probably won't, so they're more likely to end as enemies who hold respect for each other)
Likes: their father, birds of prey, loyal subordinates (their friends), victory, power, authority, violence
Dislikes: disorder, disloyalty, betrayal, failure, challengers, Mulan, Shang
Appearance: half-shaved long black hair, narrow, monolidded gold eyes, small nose, medium skin, muscular, lean, 5'9", usually wearing furs
Personality: Shun is ruthless, cold, and carries themself with the poise of a snake about to strike. Shun has an albeit villainous sort of charisma to them, and is an excellent leader who breeds respect in their subordinates and fear in their enemies. Shun is extremely competitive and leads the third prominent "gang" of the Isle, always warring with Mal and Uma over power and territory. Not above diplomacy, but always welcomes a fight. Would kill a man in cold blood, but dislikes chaos. Shun has a dark sense of humor and is not very social outside of their small friend group, will always use proxies in the form of Hadia, Honey, and Makayla when Shun needs to communicate with others. Effective, if curt, communicator if necessary, but doesn't like to.

Name: Maddie
Gender: Affectugender
Child of: the Mad Hatter (lowkey the live action film version, oops)
Alignment: Chaotic Good (good with nuts)
Age: 16
Friends: Maggie, Ivory, Aaron, Kristi, Jane
Likes: tea, parties (especially tea parties), candles, forests, riddles, mazes
Dislikes: meaningless rudeness, card games, rules, ketchup, mustard
Appearance: long, wavy hair which is a mixture of ginger, platinum blonde, and gray, usually worn in high pigtails, 5'3" but wears high heels, slim, eccentric fashion sense
Personality: Maddie is loud, eccentric, laughs a lot, and is a bit overbearing at times. Friendly but doesn't have too many friends, kind of an outcast in fact. But they don't mind, as they have Maggie (their best friend) and a few others who are fun to talk to. Gets distracted easily, always late, and airheaded but not stupid. Has a gentle side, very sympathetic at times, very supportive, and has their own charisma when you get to know them. Overly familiar, uses pet names for everybody.

Name: Maggie
Gender: Ambigender
Child of: Meg and Hercules
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 17
Friends: Maddie, Lonnie, Aaron
Likes: Maddie, horses, sarcasm, training
Dislikes: recklessness (especially on Maddie's part), heights, sexism, love (((((why would u dislike love when ur in love with Maddie. FUCK GUYS HELP IM ALREAYD SHIPPING THEM))
Appearance: short, shaggy burgundy hair, catlike light blue eyes, wears emo black eyeliner, warm-toned tanned skin, thin lips, very toned but not bulging muscles, 5'8", usually wearing purple, white, and/or black
Personality: Maggie is humble and ambitious, and very hardworking. They are also quick-witted, cynical, and independent, with an icy hot attitude that puts off outsiders. Has exactly 3 friends (best friend Maddie, training friend Lonnie, and school friend Aaron) and hates talking to anyone else. Kind to their friends, but very guarded and impersonal. Only opens up to said 3 people. Their friends they would protect with their life even if they had to turn evil for them, extremely loyal, doesn't like sharing. Especially doesn't like sharing Maddie. Very blunt and sarcastic. Gets along with their mother more than their father, but feels pressured to be more "heroic" from both their parents.

Name: Hadia
Gender: Agender
Child of: Hades (and Persephone)
Alignment: Neutral Evil type 2
Age: 16
Friends: Shun, Honey, Uma, Harry, Makayla
Likes: manipulation, power, haggling and other negotiations, wit, fire
Dislikes: their father (he's overbearing, overprotective, embarrassing), stupidity, sweetness and light, thunderstorms
Appearance: long, wavy dark brown hair, grey skin, angular features, dark hooded eyes, has a black robe and smoky base like their father, thin, has broad shoulders, 5'11"
Personality: Hadia is manipulative, flirty, persuasive, and very sadistic and cruel. They have a hot temper like their father. This can only be reigned in by Shun. Sarcastic, always cracking jokes, loves puns; usually in the group, it is Shun and Hadia who carry the humor. Hadia is probably the most troublemaking and needlessly mean spirited of the group. Hadia may be a trickster with a humorous streak, but they are very intimidating and feared in the Isle.

Name: Honey Westergaard
Gender: Genderflux
Child of: Hans
Alignment: Neutral Evil type 3
Age: 11
Friends: Shun, Hadia, Quan, Makayla
Likes: their daddy, lollipops, cruelty, misfortune of others, chocolate, swords
Dislikes: winter, being looked down on, literally everyone other than their father and Shun Yu/Hadia/Quan/Makayla, Auradon
Appearance: shoulder-length orange hair with blunt-cut bangs, 1 missing tooth on the top, fair skin, always has either a lollipop or chocolate bar with them (often stolen) , 5'0", always carries sword with them
Personality: Honey is a deliberately cute child who acts charming and innocent in order to get what they want. They can act out various sorts of personalities when it suits their needs. A spoiled bratty princess who's extremely self-centered and only listens to the people they like. Extremely angered and sadistic when they don't get their way.
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