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Ok one more character because why not? Also @Ena we do need to think of a plot.

Name: Kristianna Bjorgman (goes by Kristi)
VK or AK: AK
Gender: Female
Child of: Anna and Kristoff
What they look like: Wavy bright red (almost orange looking) hair that she usually wears in a ponytail, lots of freckles, fair skin, average height and slender, blue eyes. She usually wears an Auradon t-shirt and jeans or something because she isn't a huge fan of dresses but she will wear one for special occasions. Kristi perpetually has a cold and sneezes a lot, which people tease her about. She is a kind of a stereotypical tomboy sometimes. She has two ear piercings in each ear and braces.
Likes: Summer, warmth, skateboarding, black nail polish, music, drawing, her friends, sleeping in, and cartoons.
Dislikes: Snotty people, being the center of attention, people looking at her drawings, stereotypes, and awkward situations. She also hates the cold and that she always seems to be sneezing.
Friends: Ben, Hannie or Lonnie or whatever her name is, Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay, and Dizzy.
Good or bad: Some of both. Seems good but could be swayed towards bad. Probably lawful neutral.
Age: 13
Auradon or Isle: Auradon
Additional: can be annoying sometimes
Personality: Kristi tries to be a tomboy and is a bit of a wannabe 2007 MySpace kind of girl lol. She likes dark colors because she thinks they're cool. She's at that awkward middle school phase but is still pretty nice and outgoing. She likes to talk a lot and can get annoying sometimes. She thinks she is funny but she isn't that funny in reality. She deeply cares about others even though she would never admit it.
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