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Aaaand two more characters! @ena it's fine if Maddie and Ivory are friends. Anyone who wants can make their characters my characters friends (except Mark because he has no friends)

Name: Aaron
VK or AK: AK
Gender: male
Child of: Ariel and Prince Eric
What they look like: Messy red hair, sea blue eyes, tan-ish skin, bright smile with braces. Has black hipster glasses as well. Kinda a nerd. He usually wears a white button up shirt and jeans with green and purple sneakers. Aaron can turn into a merman when he touches water, so he tries to avoid that because he finds it embarrassing.
Likes: the ocean (though he avoids it except when he's alone), food, sea creatures, being alone, books, and his friends.
Dislikes: liars, rules, large crowds, annoying people, being made fun of, and turning into a merman in front of people.
Friends: Ivory, Kristi, Maddie, Maggie (if that's ok with ena for either of them), Ben, Lonnie, Jay, Carlos, and Evie.
Good or bad: Chaotic good
Age: 15
Auradon or Isle: Auradon
Additional: idk
Personality: Aaron is caring and kind and helpful. He usually prefers to alone to being with people. He is introverted and likes to read. Even though he is mostly introverted he still has a lot of friends who he enjoys being with though he doesn't like crowds. He has a bit of claustrophobia, and being in a crowd doesn't exactly do that much good. Aaron likes to help people and can come up with good ideas. He gets things done and has a lot of energy.

Name: Makayla Mim
VK or AK: VK
Gender: female
Child of: Madam Mim
What they look like: Lavender hair usually in a messy bun, bright green eyes, fair skin, short and curvy (a bit pudgy), michevious smile. She is self conscious about her weight (though she isn't that chubby). She usually wears a pink skater skirt and navy blue shirt with a thin red belt and black ankle boots.
Likes: causing trouble, using spells, annoying Mal and her crew, telling stories and jokes, and playing pranks on people.
Dislikes: Mal (Makayla thinks she a is copy cat), goody two shoes kids, people who make fun of her mom, and sword fighting.
Friends: Uma and her crew as well as maybe Shun Yu, Hadia, and Honey if that's okay
Good or bad: chaotic evil
Age: 12
Auradon or Isle: Isle
Additional: can do magic
Personality: Kind of an angry hipster. She is smart but doesn't really work very hard and doesn't hate everyone like she pretends to (except Mal, Makayla really does hate her). Makayla is a troublemaker but her idea of trouble is mostly pranks and rude jokes. She only talks when she has something to say which isn't all the time but a lot more frequently than Mark. She likes to be the leader and the center of attention.
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