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Originally Posted by TheMoonWakedWolf View Post
Okay, I'm not really sure who's going to be looking at this, but I have some questions about a character name. I planned on having one of my characters be named Gypsy (or "Gyp" for short). I just like the look and sound of the name, and feel it really fits the character. I understand that saying that someone's been "gypped" is offensive and everything, but I didn't consider the fact that the word gypsy itself might be offensive to Roma people and everything. Do you guys think it's alright to keep the name, or should I change it? (And if so, what would you guys suggest for a replacement?)
I think it's fine. What genre of story is it? I really don't think that it would be offensive in any way, though– I mean, is it offensive to name your child Christian or Muslim or Jesus or Mohammed? I know it isn't a religion thing, but still– I think it's fine. c: ((plus that's an epictastic name and I personally love names like that so c: ))
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