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Originally Posted by SilverMoon View Post
Can you please review my story Natural Foces: The Twilight Talisman? (It's the rewritten version btw) it only has four chapters so far but I'd really appreciate your feedback
Originally Posted by maxi View Post
Can you please review my book The Infusion of Ash series (Book 1): The Dagger's Wrath? It's a high fantasy and it's got about 19 chapters, but I'm still working on the first draft! I just wanted readers to know what's in store.
Originally Posted by Puckbrina159 View Post
I would love if you would review my Life as I Know it: Adira Doyle story on the main page.
There's only 3 chapters up and I don't personally think it's at all my best work, but I'd love to know what you think.
i'd be happy to review all of yours! I should have SilverMoon's review out today ((because i'm lame and i have too much time on my hands :P)) but the others will probably take a little longer, sorry, I have this swim meet and I will be getting back on Sunday So hopefully those will be out on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday!
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