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Originally Posted by BriannaH View Post
I'm sad because it's a really nice day out so I want to go do something outdoors but I can't because I have stinking bronchitis. Plus, my older sister and puppy have been going outside together and playing and my best friend, who lives next door, comes out too. And it always has to be when I'm sick and can't leave the house.

I'm hyper because I can't go outside, so I have a lot of energy. I can't even do Just Dance or Kinect stuff because that might make my cough worse and then I'd have to wait longer to go outside and play. I can't do anything that gets rid of my energy so I have an endless amount and showing it makes my older sister irritated.

I'm bored because I can't do anything since I'm sick. No outside, no games that cause me to be active, no new books, no new games, Writer's Block so I can't write... And the other stuff I could do I don't want to because it's more fun with two people and everyone is too busy doing whatever. What to do?!?!?!?!
Bronchitis? Ain't nobody got time fo dat!
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