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Originally Posted by Lily09 View Post
i stopped being vegan because im severely mentally ill and dont have the energy to do a lot of things. being vegan took a lot of meal prep and since i was the only vegan in my house, i had to prep and cook everything for myself. this was utterly exhausting.

i could have settled for vegetarian but it was a slippery slope and found myself eating meat again.

i really did love the way i physically felt tho while i was vegan and knowing that im not living up to my personal moral standards kinda sucks. i really wanna become vegan again but i need help and tips for becoming vegan when its hard for me to even get out of bed. hopefully this thread will serve as encouragement?
Yeah I definitely believe this thread could serve as encouragement. Being someone who strongly considers this lifestyle, I have no other choice but to move forward now that I know what I know.

Without getting into details that may or may not be wanted, a plant-based diet DOES make you feel better! And I'm glad you could relate to that feeling. I say jump back into it fully. There is a big struggle with sitting in a household that is primarily meat-based (when you are the only vegan present), but a community of friends can pull you through it. Meal preparations take creativity and time but are worth it if you are avoiding the nightmares that is beef, chicken, etc.

Tons of vegans apparently say Pinterest provides crap loads of ideas (And Google + Youtube, obviously). Thanks to the internet for inspiration.

Doesn't hurt to give veganism another shot, hm?
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