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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
hey so quick update on my love life.
just bc why not throw all my personal life on the internet where literally anyone could see it.
me and the girl i liked started talking this summer after her and her bf broke up. we became like bffs and also i had my first kiss with her. we made out a lot. and then we did everything else blah blah you get this gist. every single first that could happen happened.
we dated twice for like a week period each. both times she screwed me over. the whole rest of the time we were friends with benefits. it worked that way. we liked it that way.
well the first time after we broke up this other girl started going after me and i actually liked her. we'll call her monica. the girl that i was friends with benefits with we'll call angie. so monica approached me and did cute stuff for me like painting a picture from la la land, and me and monica went to 5below and went shopping, went to mcdonalds, and bought fish together. it was cute and fun. i liked her a lot.
well angie must've gotten jealous because she decided that would be a good time to tell me that she was ready to date me and wanted me like a boyfriend.
haha right.
so i fell for it and ended things with monica in person. she was sad as she should've been bc i fucked her over big time.
then five days later angie decided to fuck ME over and broke up with me. and guess what. yep. we were still friends with benefits after that. FOR A WHOLE MONTH.
a whole god damn month of benefits after we broke up, and then things just started to rot. our friendship completely fell apart and our benefits stopped and blah blah blah everything has been sucky for like the past two months.
she's not the person she was this summer and she's not the person i thought she was.
turns out she's a fake bitch who doesn't deserve someone that's kind and good and real like me.
monica deserved me and i deserved monica but i was a dumbass hoe and ended things with her to be with someone i used to love.
yeah so my love life sucks.
but me and monica kind of still have a chance with eacother so we'll see i'll keep you guys updated : )
ughh that sounds like the worst Im so sorry dude
but yes!!! keep us updated w monica bc she sounds great and you two def still have a chance. ))

and I'll use you as a
w a r n i n g
s i g n
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