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Smile Unpublished Gems

Hello, everyone. I wasn't actually sre if there was a newspaper busniness in the news section of WB. 0_0 I couldn't find any, just aunnouncements.

Anyway, I don't think I will ever expand Unpublished Gems, but I just may. Currently, UG is a series I do on my blog @ www.returnofme.blogspot.com which advertises good poems and stories on KP which don't get nearly as much attention as they deserve. You CAN request that I read a peice of yours, and can gauruntee you'll get a commentbut I cannot gaurantee it will be selected.

Before I try expanding this into some huge, amazing thing, I'm admitting I'm behind on UG. I haven't posted in a LONG while because I have a HUGE reading list right now. But, hopefully with my time over Winter Break I can make the next one.

Anytime yo're feeling down in the dumps about comments, go ahead and request your story or poem to me. Once again, I can gauruntee it will get at least one comment. And if you help UG expand and grow, people will read the advertisement and click on your story.

Bascially the adveritsements come with the type of writing, the author, link, and a breif description.

Hopefully I can stop spamming my blog and make a website for UG, but we'll have to wait and see.

Either way, g ahead and request. Anyone who requests right now probably won't get theirwriting into the next one because it's all ready going to be pretty jam-packed, but it CAN go into the next edition.
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