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Sammy William Senior the Sock: *waves cane in the air* Back in the old days, we only sang the classics-

Timothy Roberto Gomez Junior the Sock (aka Thunder Thighs) (aka Chocolate Dictator) (aka Ozzy) (aka the Effing Wizard of Oz): No one gives a cotton ball! *takes cane and hits Sammy Senior*

Augusta: NO! Bad sockies! *puts Sammy Senior and Timothy in a timeout*

Zilo: You're the prettiest gecko I've ever laid eyes upon.

Kika: And you're the handsome-est.

Augusta: NEWS FLASH! Handsome-est isn't a word! WHY ARE PEOPLE SO DUMB THESE DAYS?

Kika: *whispers* You're the one typing this, you know.

Augusta: *eyes widen* *jaw drops* You- What- No, no, no, no, no. Uh... My baby sister is typing this! I promise!

Vivian the Baby: Uh... You won't let me come within a five foot radius of your laptop.

Augusta: Wait a second, you can't even talk in real life!

Vivian: Yeah, well... I'm secretly a genius.

Augusta: Well, beat it, Einstein, we have plenty of characters as it is.

Vivian: *starts tearing up* O-okay...
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