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Originally Posted by scorp64 View Post
You were gonna make a fan club? YES!!!! That means alot, especially from you!

And Yes, I have already decided to name the sequel to Over Shadow, "The Illuminated". What do you think?
8D That sounds amazing. If people come and say that making a fanclub was a wrong idea, just say that I couldn't make it in time. :P

The Illluminated sounds a bit vague yet awesome at the same time. ^.^ Have you started writing the Prologue of it or anything or are you just planning it up for now? I have so many questions and I cannot wait to ask them to you. How long are you thinking Book Two will be? When shall you be publishing?
What a wonderful caricature of intimacy
Raindrops on roses and
Girls in white dresses and
Sleeping with roaches and
Taking best guesses
At the shade of the sheets and
Before all the stains
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