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Originally Posted by Puckbrina159 View Post

Sorry if I'm offending any KP sports lovers here, but I have to say something. You get way more out of music academically than sports. I know I'm stating the obvious, but shouldn't that have some consideration? Sure, sports makes you excel physically but not academically. I always considered academics to be more important than physical things. I know that everyone has their own opinion on that but that's mine.
As big of a proponent of the arts as I am (playing three instruments and coming from a musician family), sports are shown to increase academic performance as well. Sports really do help you form academic skills, especially really important skills like teamwork, selflessness, and self-advocacy. Exercise has been shown to help cognitive functioning (blood to the brain and all that jazz) and to increase the GPA of students as well as standardized testing scores.
Sources (because I know you'll want them because it's KP and you must give your sources): Here and here
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