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Name: Ana Storie
Age and Year: 15 and fifth. Her birthday is May 18.
Appearance: chin length, curly dirty blonde hair and clear blue eyes. Is 4'6 and won't grow any more. When not in hogwarts robes she wears a white T-Shirt and jeans with a black belt.
Personality: Likes to ramble about random things, e.g., monkeys and refrigerator magnets. She will also start rambling if a subject is brought up she doesn't want to talk about. She is quite the coward, running away screaming from anything threatening. Loves coffee and chocolate and movies.

Blood status: Half and half.
Family: Mom and Dad.
House: Hufflepuff
Wand: 10 inches, vine wood, unicorn hair core, whippy
Pets: none.
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